Design Histories between Africa and Europe: Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow

6 April - 19 August 2018

Photo of the museum : ©A. Regdosz/Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg.
Exhibition views: ©P. Schimweg/Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg.

Design Histories between Africa and Europe. Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow.
Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg, Germany
With Abu Bakarr Mansaray

April, 6 - August, 19, 2018

First presented in 2017 at the Institute of Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians University, in Munich, the exhibition "Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow. Design Histories between Africa and Europe" opens at Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg.

"Flow  of  Forms  /  Forms  of  Flow" aims  to  open  up  an  alternative  perspective  to  survey exhibitions a bout design that have been presented so far. In order to define objects and practices in a broader sense than to simply confine them to categories or disciplines, the focus  is  placed  on  the  flow  of  forms.  Thus,  the  interplay  of  forms  in  the  process  of tran scultural  exchanges  between  Africa  and  Europe  and  also  between  the  cities  of  the Global South, will be examined under the aspect of the "flow". This refers to fluctuation, interplay,    fusion,    exchange,    transfer,    translation,   cooperation, and    material metamo rphosis;  "form"  is  understood  as  potential  and  intermediary.  These  different perspectives  allow  unexpected  juxtapositions  and  open  up  new  points  of  view.  The project will, on the one hand, emphasize aesthetic impacts that result from processes of networking/cross - linking, overlapping and the blending of forms. And on the other hand, it will focus on the social and political dimensions of design.

Curators :
Kerstin Pinther (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Alexandra Weigand (Kunstraum München e.V.)