Dorris Haron Kasco

Born in 1966, Daloa, Ivory Coast
Lives and works in Montpellier, France

Dorris Haron Kasco was born in 1966 in Daloa, Ivory Coast. After finishing his studied, he became interested by fashion through photography, but soon he is attracted by the urban space, the streets of cities and the people you can meet outside. He then spent 3 years with the mentally ill's people of Abidjan.
"The madmen of Abidjan", photographed by Dorris Haron Kasco, are witnesses ruthless of reality denial, worse, of blindness collectively maintained for rejecting their night silhouettes in the commonplaces of the modern city, bridges, streets and intersections. Pass they still exist, they are free to roam, here is the proof of a traditional tolerance, of an understanding promiscuity to the manias which agitate them, a singular concern of African societies for their nakedness without love, for their obscure words, their restless carcasses.

He organized the first inventory of photographs from Ivory Coast and participates to the recognition of August Cornélius Azaglo's work. He even realized a film about August Azaglo which had been shown during the Bamako encounters' Photography biennial in 2001. Dorris Haron Kasco lives and works in Montpellier, France.