1-54 Marrakech: Ana Silva

La Mamounia, Marrakech, 9 - 12 February 2023 
Booth 10 11 am - 7 pm www.1-54.com

For this new edition of 1-54 Marrakech, MAGNIN-A Gallery is pleased to present a solo show by Ana Silva.

Ana Silva's creativity is expressed by the plurality of her materials. Canvas, wood, metal, acrylic but overall fabric are as well the materials that surround her and the forms of her art. During her walks in the markets of Luanda, she distorts the primary use of raffia bags or other doilies to a memory work, from abandoned objects to relived objects.

 “I cannot separate my work from my experience in Angola, at a time when access to materials was difficult as a result of the war of independence and the civil war. My creativity was born from the exploration of my immediate environment. This experience had a major impact on my way of working, and my life more generally."

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