Gonçalo Mabunda

Born in 1975, Maputo, Mozambique
Lives and works in Maputo

Gonçalo Mabunda's work is devoted to the memory of his country. Having known as his immediate environment the tragic civil war, which devastated Mozambique from the mid 70s up to recently, he uses, weapons as the media for his pieces. 7 million weapons were stockpiled and hidden throughout the country. Here, art becomes a duty; that of remembering. He works at the studio Núcleo de Arte and in 1984, he takes part in the project Transformation of weapons in art.

Gonçalo has been recurrently working on the motif of the Throne for a few years, alluding to the Western world?s interest in collecting the Chief Throne in traditional ethnic African art. The Throne also criticizes current African governments that too often tragically manipulate armed violence as a way to strengthen their power. The striking and beautiful objects he creates also convey, however, a positive reflection on the transformative power of art and the resilience and creativity of African civilian societies.


Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
The Tropen Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Public Art Norway, Norway
The province Government, Norway
Army Museum, Netherlands
Army Museum, Sweden
Vatican Museums, Vatican
Projustitiae Fundation, Portugal
International Sculpture Park, China
National Museum of Uruguay, Uruguay
Tempietto del Carmelo, Italy
Museum of Saint Etienne, France
Musée international des arts modestes,France
Memorial de Caen, France
National Museum, Mozambique
Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), USA
Brooklyn Museum, USA
Parque da Davesa (Famalicao),Portugal
African Artists for Development, France
Victoria and Albert Museum (Purchase Grants fund), GB