Born in 1979, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Died in 2015 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he lived and worked.

Kiripi Katembo is a photographer and filmmaker from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He directed his first experimental film “Voiture en carton” with a mobile phone in 2008 during his studies at the Academy of fine arts of Kinshasa. With his workshop partners he founded the association YEBELA, composed of young directors and photographers that work on video and photo projects and depict the everyday life of Kinshasa’s inhabitants. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked on the series “Un regard” that was presented at the first edition of Afrikaribu and exhibited at the Biennale of Bamako in 2011. This series earned him a price from the Fondation Blachère in 2011.

Both in his photographs and in his short films, Kiripi Katembo depicts the everyday life of the inhabitants of Kinshasa as well as the instable political and economic context of his country. Thanks to the use of the mobile phone or little video cameras he manages to film as close as possible to the street, avoiding the ban on filming of the Congolese government. His work can also be very poetic as in the series “Un regard” where he photographs the reflections of people and landscapes in the puddles of Kinshasa.